Words of Wisdom

Friday, January 14, 2011

Life is an unsolve puzzle

Life is an unsolve puzzle and full with surprise and mystery.
and i learn bout it a lot by those things that I have experienced before.
and this week i just watched THE TOURIST movie.
the movie is great,a romantic action and full with curiosity.
who could ever thought that we might fall in love with someone that we met because of an order and a plan?
and that is what happening to Elise(angelina jolie)
she been order to look for a guy who like his lover Alexander Pearce and she just randomly pick Frank(johnny depp)with her instict and she accidentally fall in love to him but end up at the end Frank is her lover who is the real A.P that has been missing for 2years after make a re-do face/plastic surgery.
it is proven that if we love someone sincerely then we will know she/he very well better than others do.
after all,we just need to believe,never give up and never stop hoping for better things.

things happen for a reason and there's a reason why God let it happen

love is unexpected,full with suprise that bring sadness and happiness at the same time

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bruno Mars - All She Knows

i'm freakingly in love with the this song since the first time i heard.the melody is awesome and the lyrics are so deep.and sometimes it does bring me to tears -.- after all,its proven that Bruno Mars is super talented in making good deep meaningful song.

i love this part a lot :
everyday same old things
so you're still feeling pain
never had real love before
and it ain't her fault

and this part too :
his love is all she knows
all she knows,all she knows
his love is all she knows
all she knows,all she knows