Words of Wisdom

Monday, April 4, 2011

Coming Home



times flies and goodbye new york.the one week and a half trip was totally awesome and i appreciate to have it like a lot.i wish to be there again soom.driving the awesome gto mustang car,walk around the central park,times square and such was totally fabulous.and yeah i'm dying to work at new york times or vogue magazine.it just that sooo awesome!

heading back to kl,cant wait and really excited even tho i felt a bit sad by leaving ny.cause by that its mean no more holiday.and the vacation trip has over.times to get back to normal life and get busy dizzy.after all,i'm so thankful to my awesome cousins and friends there for accompany me and give me such an awesome experience.and at least i wasnt felt that lonely too.will be missing ny like TOTALLY!

But the important part of all is,KL I'M COMING HOME! 
miss you my homies ;) cant wait to see ya and chill with ya.and please,April be nice to me.i hate to confront stupid drama.KL please be good to me :)