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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Silly Things I've Discovered during My Vacation

This are some of the silly things I've seen and I've discovered during My Vacation.
but still some of it are super stupid and shameless too.

  • Our local peoples doesnt wear their safety helmet when they ride their bike but they just carry it along at their hand like some kind of basket.doesnt it so stupid?and once they been fined by the cops they get so mad,i mean like Hello?It's your own fault la brother.heh.pokcik pokcik pun sama jugak -.-
  • Our local peoples do wear their safety helmet when they drive a car?!they even put on the visor!but they dont wear their seatbelt?aiyooo,what kind of rules are they following?!
  • Our local people litter everywhere on anytime at their own country while foreigners pick up the trash that our people litter?wasnt that stupid and shameless?and they can just act normal like littering are not prohibited at all -.- i am a shame.
  • Malaysian facilities are terrible and a huge disaster!the washroom are awful and a huge Eeeew!Contohnye:tandas duduk kau pegy mencangkung?yang bestnye muka lawa,body solid tapi perghhh bimbo habis -.- it shows that our people are stupid and polluter.klu lelaki je takreti flush,faham lagy tp muka lawa mcm model pun takreti flush,apa cite?pengotor sungguh.kesian aku dengar makcik cleaner tu complain.padahl flush takrosak pun.
  • Foreigners are friendly and respect other while local people are super snob and doesnt respect others at all.Konon kau famous sangat la?kaya sangat la? -.-
  • Both are stupid,Foreigners and Local peoples.They do smoke at the Non Smoking Area but they just dont smoke at the Smoking Area.are you a dumb ass or what?
  • Muslim Foreigners does pray and behave but Local Muslim dosent behave at all and when it comes about praying issue,this is what our local muslim said:Saya tak solat lima kali sehari tapi saya ingat untuk solat.jadi saya rasa dengan ingatan tu je da memadai and sama seperti saya solat.Sesungguhnya Tuhan Maha Mengerti. -.- THIS IS SUPER EMBARRASSING
  • Yang last ni paling best and paling betul,orang kita suka judge orang pakai ikut suka hati padahal foreigners takpun mcm tu.jumud nye la fikiran.
  • orang kita acting like they are foreigners and they behave like they are foreigners while foreigners seems to look like Malaysian cause they appreciate Malaysia well than others and well than local people.

Conclusion,Malaysia takkan maju lah kalau terus macam ni -.-"

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