Words of Wisdom

Thursday, December 16, 2010

you may trust me and believe me cause i do understand you but i'm not sure whether i can trust and believe you again like i used before.i guess my faith on you has started to lose a bit and a bit and become a bit shaky.but yeah,i've no power to predict what gonna happen next.all i can do is wishing that things will work out alright.i'm still wondering until now,why for suddenly i've met you?and why for suddenly God plan for it?well,i guess there is no other answer for my question except it is God plans.i'll live my life and just go on with the flow even tho i might fall for you sooner or later.but actually it is not your fault for everything that happening now because actually it is my fault cause i'm a bit late to meet you and know you.so yeah,i'm sorry for everything cause somehow i feel bad with this feelings,it is just like i've made things become more complicated to you.and because i feel that she deserve to have you.so,dont worry bout me cause i still got the strength to carry on this life and yes i've already used to this kind of things.but still there's something that keep on playing in my mind,will i lose you?i mean will you be gone for suddenly?because if yes,i'm hoping that God will meet me with someone as great as you and it doesnt matter whether it is sooner or later.

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