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Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Happy 2011


so,HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone.i wish 2011 will be a great wonderful year for me.
for all of you too :) the biggest lost of him does make me cry but yet i doesnt make me give up in my life yet.
even tho myself was totally over and done to fall in love again now.yeah.i'm over this lovey dovey stuff.
but still,i guess soon there will be man who will jump up straight in front of me suddenly and trying his best to put faith on me :)
but yeah,i'll not going on a date with any guy.jyeah.
new year celebration for this time is quite dull and bored.
instead of i'm a broken hearted girl,i'm sick too during new year eve.
but i dont give a fuck bout it and just carry on with my life.
i'm trying to be me again.to be a normal independent single lady again.
and yeah,i'm strong and fierce.and i'm totally lovin it.
dengan yakin nya saya mengatakan ini:

i will be a great fierce strong lady.
i'll be extremely fierce with my strong confident to reach my goal.
i'll be more mature and will not doing the same mistakes again.
i will be living on my own.
i will be a successful lady.
i'll be the one who rise up again after breaking down.

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