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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Better To Bitter

8 March 2011

first of all,syukur Alhamdulillah to Dear god cause I still live in this world with a good mind and heart.and yet now i'm legally 18 :) thanks for those who had wishes me happy birthday.i appreciate it a lot :)
seriously yesterday was hectic like crazy -.- i caught in cold*okay ni gara gara celebrate bday dekat Genting,ehem thanks for my dear friends yg sponsor surprise party tu ;) * and yet each time when i'm awake from my sleep.Ya Allah!banyak gila fb notifi -.- i mean like each time when i looked it back,it will always be like 36notifications.omg!and it wasnt stop there or get decrease but it keep on increasing so yeah tangan almost tecabut malas wall post and commet everyone.but yeah i was succeed to say thankyou to everyone who had wished me happy birthday :)

so,before it was 8/3/2011 i've already celebrating my birthday with my friends at Genting.so yeahhh,it turns out cold but fun -.- time tu hujan pulak dekat Genting.everyone having a real good time.Anum Af8 was there,which i dont even know who is she till someone told me who is she -.- *sorry Af is too dull for me to watch it*

back from Genting around 11pm something and we have fun in KL which a nice and fun stay over :)
but yet when its time to celebrate the real bday i was caught in bad cold -.- so i'm just staying at home,on bed.feeling exhausted,didnt even used the free call and seriously lifeless.till then it 6pm of 8 march,i was otp with Ridh :) kinda funny tho at least tak membazir free call and fun too to talk to him :)
didnt even celebrate my birthday but the cute thing is my lil brother made a handmade bday card which is soooo funny!and my lil sis bought me an oreo cheesecake :D 

the end of it,thanks everyone ;)

*sedih tho sebab demam on my birthday,haihhh.i want presentttttt!*

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