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Monday, March 7, 2011

Terima Kasih Cinta on 27th Feb 2011 ;)

Seriously guys!sapa tak tengok theater ni rugi gila cause it is totally amazing.lagi lagi bila theater ni is actually the musical version of Cinta movie by khabir bahtia(i'm not sure whether i write it correctly).
okay theater ni start on 8.30 till 12 if i'm not mistaken with 15minutes break on the half time of theater.
the songs,actor and actress are great.they are super passionate with the play which is good and make it like its real.
i enjoy a lot the love story between arianna and taufiq because its natural and spontaneous.and i adore the most the true love between dhani and dyan(siblings) and the love from rubiah to elyas.
and talk about being honest man,this theater almost make me cry.the actor and actress are cool and awesome.
they are friendly and funny too.it is cool to hang with them as i spend some time to chat with them and share some thoughts bout the play.
after all,it is superb!!thumbs up to all of them!

"it remind you bout the great power and magic of love as it remind you to love again,to appreciate the beauty,to be in awe of its magnificence and to be humbled by its simplicity"


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